Day: January 30, 1990.
Place: Tokushima, Japan.

I don’t remember my mother. I grew up with an older brother and an abusive father, who liked to shoot me with an air gun, or beat me, sometimes until my teeth broke or head cracked open. He had a way with women too, not that it’s something I want to write about. I don’t want to talk about how he lives now with someone and their child. That reality sucks, and I wanted to get away. I was 19 when I took a trip to escape it.

It was my first time traveling abroad by myself. I went to Sapa, Vietnam, a mountainous region where minority groups live. From the city, it’s an overnight bus to another bus that drives into the mountains. I checked into a hotel that sits on the edge of a cliff, was shown a room, and I looked out the window at the view. I felt goose bumps stand up on my whole body, and I trembled. The world outside that window was so incredible I almost forgot what I was running from. I wanted to record it but didn’t have a camera. I started when I made up my mind then. I need to bring a camera when I travel.

When I was 20, I saw an exhibition of Takata Akira’s photography that impacted me more than any other I’ve seen since. Art ? I could feel it. From then on I got deep into photography, shooting to capture that feeling. Then I felt like trying to exhibit it.

Now I mostly do travel photography and skate photography. I take photos that steal the eyes of guards and cops. I shoot skaters who aren’t afraid of getting hurt at dangerous spots and don’t hold back. The moment the shutter clicks, I taste the best sense of accomplishment in the world.

But the exhibitions I do aren’t just in rooms. Currently I’m outside working on a project where I take stickers of a picture of a dead mouse and post them up all around. I’ve been thinking about ‘life’ and ‘death’ since childhood. And that picture is a reflection. It’s about how you might die tomorrow, even in a peaceful place like Japan. It’s about how in death, a human and a mouse are the same.

In 2015 I’m planning to put on a group exhibition with young squatters in London.

2014 SEKAI TABI SHASHINTEN One of final 10 persons
2016 APA awards 2016 Nyuusen

2014「9」@Delta Cafe (Shiga)
2014「B/W」@MEM (Tokyo)

■Group Exhibitions





20歳の頃に、TAKATA AKIRA氏の写真展に行った。今まで見たどの写真よりもインパクトがあり、芸術的だと感じた。そこからさらに写真に没頭し、自分もあんな写真を撮って、展示をしてみたいと思うようになった。